L2 Tyrions

Argentina 4 INFO
Exp x50 - Adena x50 - Sp x100 - Spoil x3 - Party x2 (Primer fin de semana de apertura) - Servidor Dedicado con host en Argentina ? - UPS incorporado para respaldo eléctrico ? - Offline (.offline) - Sub Clases Acumulativas base +3 ?..


Brazil 4 INFO
Servidor!Classic 30x

Erica Interlude

Canada 4 INFO
Low Rate - Custom server // Servidor Low - Con modificaciones -Nuevos sistema de puntos STR DEX VIT INT WIT. -Nuevos Dyes (+3-0) maximo +5 Puntos. -Nuevos bonos de Armaduras. -Cambiamos los stats de algunos skills para balancear. -Nueva Zona PVP (..

WoW-Mania | WotLK | Blizzlike |

United States 3 INFO
The best Wotlk Blizzlike server today! Active Arena Seasons and Battlegrounds. Fully script raids and dungeons. +3000 transmogs. Thousands of players daily. Anti-cheat. Over 99% uptime. Active and friendly community. Join us and get a free mount at level 1..


Poland 2 INFO
RevivalRO (✅NO LAG) Loki server Rates: 100x/100x/20x - Maximum Level: 255/120 1200+ Hats many ✅ Custom Instances/Monster/Items ✅ Custom Dungeons, ✅Exp + Rewards for participating in WoE BG , ✅Nice Community, ✅Daily Quests Challenges + Login Rew..

Nightmare L2 Servidor Privado

Brazil 2 INFO
10x Low Rate em versão beta! Participe dos testes!

Dragonmu S14 X50 17.May

Poland 1 INFO
New epic Season 14 server X50 Just Opened!

DreamScape - #1 Custom RSPS! 5 Y

Armenia 1 INFO
250+ Players | Massive Weekly Updates | Daily Discord Events | Thousands of Custom Weapons and Armours | 8 Fully Working Custom Raids! | Fully Working Theatre of Blood | PubG Minigame | Custom Gambling - Roulette, Coin Flip, BlackJack Table

Bariloche Interlude L2

Argentina 1 INFO
Bariloche Interlude es un servidor de rates x5 autocount con caracteristicas distintas a los demas servidores, entre esas caracteristicas se destaca el poder fabricar un personaje con mas de 4 profesiones de poderes acumulativos. La manofacturacion de dist..


Venezuela 1 INFO
L2 SK COMMUNITY Les invita a unirse a los servidores de: L2 H5 PVP L2 H5 Multiskill L2 H5 GOD L2 H5 Classic Todos abrirán a su respectivo tiempo, Además de esto cada servidor cuenta con su fase beta, También Ofrecemos servicios VIP, Servici..

MUX Global Phobos x5000 - New Se

United Kingdom 0 INFO
Unique vision of Classic MU Online, Amazing world of Arkania, Exclusive new features and unrivaled game design, MuOnline like you've never seen before. Outstanding quality, real play2win experience - Feel The Difference! Gifts and experience boosts for..

OldSquadMU - Project Phoenix - O

Romania 0 INFO
High Amount of UNIQUE Players, Innovative Gameplay, Real Play2Win, Semi-Hard Style, Season 6 Custom, Great Economy System, Highly Configured PvE&PvP, Proven Long-Term, No Web-Shop/Cash-Shop, Max 3 Acc/IP+HWID, Professional Support, Big Community, Actions s..

#1 RSPS - Daily Tourneys With 50

United States 0 INFO
SS3 - Perfect Switches - Random PID Duel Arena - American/European Worlds - Active Wildy, PvM and Market area - CastleWars - Mini-Games - Tournaments - 12+ Bosses - 110+ Achievements - Online 24/7 - Vote Rewards - No Lag - Friendly Staff - Fastest Support ..

RetroWoW 1.12.1 | Instant 60 Van

Philippines 0 INFO
[Classic][Insant 60][Nostalrius-Core][PvP Tokens][BG Weekend][2v2 Arena][Arena Gold-Per-Kill][Crossfaction BG][Mall][Duel Zone][5-Man Raids: ZG/MC/AQ/BWL/ONYX/NAXX][Custom PvE/PvP Quests][Scripted Instances][Vanilla][Pathfinding][Active Development]

WoW-Reign Cataclysm 4.3.4

United Kingdom 0 INFO
Brand New Realm, Blizzlike rates x1 to x6, PVE and PVP, Professional Quality. Anti Cheat. High Uptime. Quality Scripts. Great Established Community.
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