Venezuela 129 INFO
L2 SK COMMUNITY Les invita a unirse a los servidores de: L2 H5 PVP L2 H5 Multiskill L2 H5 GOD L2 H5 Classic Todos abrirán a su respectivo tiempo, Además de esto cada servidor cuenta con su fase beta, También Ofrecemos servicios VIP, Servici..


Argentina 98 INFO
Server Lineage High Five.... el rate lo seleccionas vos: https://www.facebook.com/RevivalL2 Próxima apertura: Septiembre 20


United Kingdom 25 INFO
We have created a server where every player will find a lot of new things. Various combinations to buy weapons, armors and many other things. The server is configured so that you have to farm, drop, spoil and trade to have something. Shop in the game is av..


Lithuania 12 INFO
New server of L2MultiSkill StuckSub (1+5) will be launched on 2020.01.12.


Argentina 9 INFO
|Servidor: Alchemist ✓ |Tarifas: x3 ✓ |C4 OFF ✓ |Retail ✓ |MainClass ✓ |No Npc Buffer ✓ |No Custom ✓ |Old School ✓ |No Npc Class ✓

L2 DarkNick

Greece 8 INFO
L2 DarkNick Interlude


Canada 3 INFO
server interlude PvP Craft / 25 x / No Custom Items / Gm Shop Only B grade / Anti Ddos / Geodata functional/ server with long life /No donations for items that give advantage in the game./Anti bot farm / Anti bot PvP personalized.

Mu-Hunter.Com | 5000x | 75% | Vi

Uruguay 2 INFO
Versión: Season 6 Ep3 |FAST| Exp Base: x5000 Exp Master: x6000 Drop: 75% Reset level: 400 Puntos x level: 15/15 Borra Stats: NO Borra Skill: NO Borra inv: NO Spots: 20-40 (Visualizas en el mapa con TAB) Items: Originales y agregados,Venta de Ite..

Moron-MU Season 9+Items S10-S14

Argentina 2 INFO
▪Version: Season 9 + Items S10-S14 Slow ▪Exp: 30x-3x(Dinámica) ▪Exp Master: 20x-1x ▪Drop: 20% ▪Elf Buffer: 200(Nivel Máximo) ▪Antihack : PS-SISTEMAS Premium Licenciado ▪Kit de Bienvenida : 200 stat points, 10kk, set basico +7+luck, ar..

WoW-Mania | WotLK | Blizzlike |

United States 1 INFO
The best Wotlk Blizzlike server today! Active Arena Seasons and Battlegrounds. Fully script raids and dungeons. +3000 transmogs. Thousands of players daily. Anti-cheat. Over 99% uptime. Active and friendly community. Join us and get a free mount at level 1..

Dragonmu S14 X50 17.May

Poland 0 INFO
New epic Season 14 server X50 Just Opened!

GlobalMu S13 3000+ Online

United Kingdom 0 INFO
GlobalMu Mu Online Season 13 , 4 Worlds, x10, X50, x500, x9999 Epic bosses, Great Boss drops, New MUUN pets, Web Market, Grand Resets, Freebies for Newbies, 4Years ONLINE 24/7 New epic server X50 !

MUX Global Phobos x5000 - New Se

United Kingdom 0 INFO
Unique vision of Classic MU Online, Amazing world of Arkania, Exclusive new features and unrivaled game design, MuOnline like you've never seen before. Outstanding quality, real play2win experience - Feel The Difference! Gifts and experience boosts for..

Origins Black Desert

Germany 0 INFO
OriginsBD is a classic style Black Desert Server, if you miss the uniqueness of the game back during the Korea betas, OriginsBD will be the closest you will ever get to it! With 2-4x rates a level 55 cap and +15 gear cap and tons of quality of life improv..

OldSquadMU - Project Phoenix - O

Romania 0 INFO
High Amount of UNIQUE Players, Innovative Gameplay, Real Play2Win, Semi-Hard Style, Season 6 Custom, Great Economy System, Highly Configured PvE&PvP, Proven Long-Term, No Web-Shop/Cash-Shop, Max 3 Acc/IP+HWID, Professional Support, Big Community, Actions s..
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