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Canada 424 INFO
server interlude PvP Craft / 25 x / No Custom Items / Gm Shop Only B grade / Anti Ddos / Geodata functional/ server with long life /No donations for items that give advantage in the game./Anti bot farm / Anti bot PvP personalized.

MU Alchemy X40 - Max 10 Resets

Brazil 120 INFO
Medium Server - Season 6.3 - Experience: X40 / X30 - Max 10 Resets (400 points) - All systems offline play mode - Fix Event Double Exp Weekend - Events/Invasions with Exclusive Drops! Enjoy!


Argentina 95 INFO
|Servidor: Alchemist ✓ |Tarifas: x3 ✓ |C4 OFF ✓ |Retail ✓ |MainClass ✓ |No Npc Buffer ✓ |No Custom ✓ |Old School ✓ |No Npc Class ✓

Origins Black Desert

United Kingdom 92 INFO
OriginsBD is a classic style Black Desert Server, if you miss the uniqueness of the game back during the Korea betas, OriginsBD will be the closest you will ever get to it! With 2-4x rates a level 55 cap and +15 gear cap and tons of quality of life improv..

Galotto MU Season 6 Episode 3

Argentina 84 INFO
Version : Servidor Season 6 Episodio 3 Innaguracion : 19/07/19 18 HORAS Exp : 150 Drop : 35%. Npc buff : Hasta lvl 200. Pk : 10 millones por pk. Pk y Reset : Se hace via web. Puntos : BKELFSM: 5. DLMG: 7. RF: 6. Shop : Pociones y algunos items de..


Argentina 71 INFO
Server Lineage High Five.... el rate lo seleccionas vos: Próxima apertura: Finales de Agosto

Mu Old School

Argentina 66 INFO
MU OLD SCHOOL | APERTURA 2/8 (Horarios en el Sitio Web) Files IGCN Premium Experiencia: x50/ Drop: x30% Versión: Season 6 Epi 3

OSG MU | S6 EP3 | EXP: 300x - DR

Argentina 23 INFO
Gran apertura: 19/07/19 Experiencia: 300x Dinamica Drop: 20% Version: Season 6 Episode 3 NO TE LO PODES PERDER!!!!

HardCore C4 x1

United States 20 INFO
Information Chronicle C4 - Scions of Destiny All Rates x1 - Really HardCore No Customs Items No NPC Customs No Shop No Buffer No Donations Non-profit Online Community International Host Without Caducity - No Wipe Anti-Flood Anti-Bots Anti-DDOS


Venezuela 12 INFO
Servidor OASIS PVP Exp: 500 SP:500 Drop:x2 Adena:x500 Safe Enchant: +4 Max Enchant: +20 Eventos Diarios - Mensuales, Premios Por Participación, Premios Por Pesca, TVT, CTF, DM y muchos más.Entra Al server No te ArrepentirásEstamos Abiertos Al p..


Argentina 10 INFO
Rates= Xp 30x Sp 30x Adena 10x

Mu Online Ares 10x

Argentina 5 INFO Server SLOW 10x 30% // 5RR max // Season 12 !! Opening 15/06 22hs.

GlobalMu S13 3000+ Online

United Kingdom 4 INFO
GlobalMu Mu Online Season 13 , 4 Worlds, x10, X50, x500, x9999 Epic bosses, Great Boss drops, New MUUN pets, Web Market, Grand Resets, Freebies for Newbies, 4Years ONLINE 24/7 New epic server X50 !

Forsaken Ragnarok Online

United States 4 INFO
6k/6k/100 • max lvl 255/255 • questable/votable donations • guild/newbie packs • up for 5+ years, no wipes, stable • intense WOE/GVG/PVP • tons of great looking original items • friendly community • epic storyline • challenging raids • ..


Brazil 4 INFO
Unique Server 8000 players online max 200 resets/ Events every hour to keep you entertained /We Have Unique systems to improve your power : Quest item,Hunt System / Join Now !!!! Soon S14 No Wipe
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